Avishtech's Gauss Suite of Simulation Products


Avishtech's leading edge Gauss 2D Electromagnetic Field Solver allows you to conduct highly accurate and fast simulations of electromagnetic behavior of PCB transmission lines. Gauss 2D provides multiple roughness models, is the only tool that accounts for ground plane losses, and outputs frequency-dependent RLGC, impedance, losses, S-Parameters, and more, along with the industry first Broadband Extraction of roughness parameters and dielectric properties from measured S-Parameters, creating a fully integrated environment for Signal Integrity analysis and related study of transmission lines!

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Avishtech's Gauss Stack PCB Stackup Designer and Simulator allows you to build and design robust PCB stackups rapidly, using its extensive in-built vendor-specific dielectric materials library! Gauss Stack is a fully integrated environment for conducting thermomechanical and electromagnetic simulations, along with analysis of manufacturability issues, including resin starvation & glass stop, as well as warpage simulation (and optional dimensional stability simulation) and reliability of plated through holes and solder joints, enabling you to build boards that are optimized for signal integrity, reliability, and manufacturability! Click on the image above to learn more about Gauss Stack!

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